Popcorn Piñata Pin

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If you're a big fan of the circus, and being abducted by clowns that have seen more than their fair share of the universe, we have a perfect pin for you.
Die at peace in a cotton candy cocoon with this stylish 2.25 soft enamel pin safely fastened to your sweater vest.

80 - V1 Popcorn Piñata
10 - V2 Candied Crawlspace
10 - V3 Toy Box (Glow in the dark)
10 - V4 Gumdrop (Glitter)
5 - RAW Silver

2.25 Inch soft enamel pin
Electro Black Plating
Mutant Morsels back stamp
Numbering laser engraved on back
2 Rubber clutch
Comes in resealable bag, with backing card