Crash Vs. Evil Dead Pin

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Bash a fucking deadite's head in with a Playstation console, along side your favorite 90's marsupial. Granted he had both his hands, but the protagonist of the Evil Dead films makes everything better. Grab this 2.25 inch soft enamel pin, and chainsaw your way through tikis, necronomicons, and pedestrians littering your commute to work.

30 - V1 Crash Vs Evil Dead
15 - V2 Deadite Dumpling
15 - V3 Joker JuJu (Glow in the Dark)
15 - V4 Hedgehog Horror (Gold Glitter)
15 - V5 Pogo the Pessimist
10 - Antique Gold Raw

2.25 Inch soft enamel pin
Electro Black Plating
Mutant Morsels back stamp
Numbering laser engraved on back
2 Rubber clutch
Comes in resealable bag, with backing card